The Silliest Take of the Week: 6/25/2017

This is gonna be a Lightning Round edition of the Silliest Take of the Week, because I am sick today, and am thus not feeling terribly funny. (“But that’s never stopped you before,” you say.)

So instead of a long list of Silly Takes, we’re just gonna get right down to brass tacks.

The Silliest Take of the Week: 6/18/2017-6/24/2017

Kurt Eichenwald, A TweetTwitter, 6/19/2017

Mr. Eichenwald is a New York Times Bestselling Author and currently works as a contributing editor to Vanity Fair and a senior writer at Newsweek. He also apparently likes anime porn. I say this because he recently took a screenshot of his computer and posted it on Twitter, failing to realize that in addition to the browser tab he was trying to show, it also contained an open tab of anime porn. His explanation amounted to “my adult kids and I were trying to prove to my wife that tentacle porn exists,” which, listen, I’m not here to judge. What man among us hasn’t enlisted his children to prove the existence of a genre of pornography?

This doesn’t matter for our purposes, but it’s very funny.

Here’s what he said* on June 19th, when he was ranting about the attempted conservative boycott/disruptions of that New York production of Julius Caesar where Caesar looks like President Trump:

Eichenwald on Taliban

The Taliban did things like blow up 1500-year-old statues, and in America, sometimes Writers of Takes strongly criticize paintings of hate crime victims or depictions of the assassination of the current President. These are exactly the same thing.

“[Thing X] I don’t like is just like the Nazis/Stalin/The Taliban,” as a Take format, has a greater than 75% chance of being a Silly Take, no matter what [Thing X] is.

Sorry for the shorter post this week, but I’ve already got a few pretty Silly Takes lined up for next week! Come on by, and please don’t forget to send me the Silliest Takes you find as you move through the week! Thanks to Rex for sending me a ludicrous take about how global warming alarmism caused the Grenfell Tower fire — sadly, that one was locked behind a paywall after I viewed it once.

Have a great week, and I hope you feel better for the rest of the week than I do right now!

*Eichenwald is almost certainly not referring to the removal of Confederate statutes, for the record. The sculpture he’s referring to is Scaffold, and you can read more about that whole controversy here, if you’re so inclined. I say this because lots of people accused him of talking about those sculptures, which would make this take Much Sillier, but that’s probably not what he meant, and so I should make that clear here. His take is silly enough without making stuff up about what he meant.

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