The Silliest Take of the Week: 8/27/2017

This one's on time!

First, today, we have three full-length Silly Takes, all published on August 25th, when the stars apparently aligned and Writers of Takes from across the political spectrum felt a dark compulsion to opine wildly about pop culture. Finally, our Silliest Take this week is one of my favorites: short, sweet, and perfect.

The Silliest Take of the Week: 8/20/2017

It's several days late, but screw it: it's time for THE SILLIEST TAKE OF (LAST) WEEK, because it's Friday night, and I know how to party. Many of these Silly Takes relate to the aftermath of the Charlottesville rally, because the Writers of Takes like nothing more than turning a horrible tragedy in grist for the #content mills.