did you seriously just buy yourname.com


look, i kept writing these big like eight-paragraph things on facebook or sometimes tumblr that had to be opened in a new window when people clicked on them ’cause they were too long to be read in the native window and that’s clearly absurd but sometimes people say they liked reading those things, so here’s the plan:

whenever i have bloggy thoughts that don’t really belong on some other publication but i still think people might want to read them, i’ll put them here, on billcoberly.com. there’s no schedule or any real central organizing principle to this space other than just “whenever bill wants to say a thing about a thing,” so don’t be surprised if i don’t post for a month and then write five posts in three days.

but it’ll be better if such posts go here, because that way they don’t clog up your facebook feeds but you can still read them, on the off-chance you want my opinion

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