New Post Up at The Ontological Geek: What It’s Like To Play Devil Daggers

I have a new post up at The Ontological Geek, about what it’s like to play Devil Daggers

I’ve only written two articles in the WILTP format (the other one is here, on Crypt of the NecroDancer) but I very much enjoy writing in that style. It’s a great challenge to try to break down a videogame into its component parts such that it would maybe be comprehensible to someone who doesn’t play videogames at all. I like to think that such articles can be illuminating reading, too, but who knows?

Devil Daggers is a swirling, con­fus­ing, chaotic mess of a game; a per­pet­u­al motion machine com­posed of neon lights and the cov­ers of metal albums. Devil Daggers is a clan­kety tum­ble dryer full of gar­goyles and paint­balls that is fueled by the souls of the damned. Devil Daggers is per­fect, but also use­less. Devil Daggers is pure videogame, inject­ed direct­ly into your ears and eye­balls via a rusty hypo­der­mic found in a ditch behind a mid­dle school. Devil Daggers is pret­ty fuck­ing sick, dude.

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